Simple questions and answers

1. The 1st game at the Skydome was held on June 5,1989. The visitors won, 5-3 !. Who beat the Blue Jays?(Milwaukee Brewers)
2. Who was the starting pitcher for the Jays ?(Jimmy Key)
3. The 1st hit at the Skydome was a double by a popular player who would eventually join the Jays in 1993. Easy.(Paul Molitor)
4. The 1st homerun at Skydome was hit by this lanky 1st baseman.(Fred McGriff)
5. On June 7th, 1989, the Jays won their 1st game at the Skydome. Who was the winning pitcher ?(John Cerutti)


Canadian Baseball Trivia Quiz #15 (Another Canadian Quiz )

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1. This CBHF member’s dad played in the NHL with the Montreal Maroons. Jimmy collected 147 goals in the NHL. Pete starred with the White Sox. Pete who?(Pete Ward)
2. A London,Ont. born outfielder played in the majors with the Pirates and Yankees from 1942 to 1947. Frank hit .270 with the 1947 Pirates.(Frank Colman)
3.This CBHF righthander made a spectacular debut in a 1962 game pitching 11 scoreless innings for the Indians. He later played for the Cards, Astros, mets and Padres.(Ron Taylor)
4. This Thunder Bay born Hall of Famer was the 1st AL player to hit 20 doubles, 20 triples & 20 homers in a season (1941)(Jeff Heath)
5. This CBHF righthander first played in the majors with the Phillies. Being an outstanding athlete, he played junior B hockey and barnstormed with the Harlem Glkobetrotters. Easy ! (Fergie Jenkins)