1. At one time , players were allowed to leave their glove on the playing field while they came in to bat. What year was this rule changed?

2. What year was AstroTurf first used in the Major Leagues?

3.This owner signed a midget to play in one game in 1951. Name the owner.

4.Satchel Paige pitched 3 scoreless innings for Kansas City in 1965 at what ancient age?

5. Although the Spitball was banned in 1920, Burleigh Grimes was allowed to throw it until he left the majors in what year?


Canadian Baseball Trivia Quiz #17 ( Montreal Royals – International League) (Answers will be given at next update)

1. This tall, gangly 1st baseman played with the Royals in the late 1940s. He played in the majors tani lek cialis http://www.corchodelpais.com/wybor-wlasciwych-tabletek-na-potencje/ with the Dodgers and Cubs retiring with a career batting average of .231. He was better known as TV’s “The Rifleman”. Remember him? (Chuck Connors)
2. Name the stadium where the Royals played their home games ? (Delorimier Stadium)
3. This little outfielder played for Montreal in the 1950s.  He will be remembered for an outstanding catch in the 1947 World Series while with the Dodgers. Remember Al? (Al Gionfriddo)>
4. This fleetfooted outfielder played for the Royals in 1949 earning the nickname “the Jet”. He was N.L. Rookie of the year in 1950 with the Boston Braves. Name him?(Sam Jethroe)
5. The Dodgers originally drafted this talented outfielder and tried to hide him in Montreal. He went on to gain 3000 hits for the tabletki kamagra http://www.corchodelpais.com/tabelki-na-impotencje-na-recepte-czy-bez/ NL Pirates and was voted into the Hall of Fame shortly after his death in 1972. Name him ? (Roberto Clemente)