Harry Simmons son, David Simmons of Toronto, has donated his Fathers extensive baseball memorabilia collection to the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame & Museum in St.Marys.

Over his years in baseball, Harry Simmons collected many baseball items as well as doing early baseball research najlepsza tania viagra. He also had the opportunity to collect many baseball related items and numerous publications, that were valuable to his research. According to his son, David, -Dad never threw anything away !-

This is evident in reviewing the collection. Not only are there extensive publications, including Baseball Magazine, Reach Guides, Spalding Guides, Media Guides but many notes and papers from his days in the Commissioners office and original correspondence from his series, -So You Think You Know Baseball !-

Some of this collection will be on display at the CBHF Museum on May 1st, when the Museum opens this spring.
Eventually much of this unusual material will be available for viewing by the public when the CBHF&M opens proper library and research facilities in the near future.